Senegal Tour 2017

A trip for gathering inspiration, promoting Nordic music, performing and playing with some of the best musicians in Senegal.

05.12.2017 we arrived tired to the airport in Dakar only to find out that our luggage hadn’t arrived. (The luggage was found one week later, after we already had our first three concerts, in a forgotten container at the airport. Happily most of the instruments were in the hand luggage.)

06.12 Afrotysonia was invited to 2stv for a Tv program. Good start for the tour!

7.12 We traveled to Saint Louis in North Senegal and played our first gig only a couple hours after arriving, at the opening party of the Metissons festival at Institut Français.

8.12 & 09.12 Afrotysonia performed both days in Saint Louis at the Institut Français, the main venue of the festival. We made new friends, new audience and new contacts.

Super tired but motivated, we had to go back in the middle of the night to Dakar directly after the last show.

After two days rest, on the 12.12, we did our first gig in Dakar, at the Institut Français. The people attending the Christmas Market could have a little taste of our music during our soundcheck and when the evening came and the concert started the audience was eagerly waiting. Journalistes and many music media people like the well known jazz music radio host Mikael Souma and the director for the Institut Français himself were there. The show was awesome and especially when we played local covers like Omar Penes song Plus on est de Fou the audience couldn’t believe it. We got very good feedback and contacts.

14.12 concert at Café de Rome

15.12 we filmed material for our upcoming music video of the song Dreams.

19.12 we got a surprise invitation to perform on the live TV show TMTC on DTV. Macoumba was the spokesperson for the band in the interview and talked about the bands story and projects. Afrotysonias live performance was supposed to contain two songs, but having heard two, the hosts of the show demanded more and hearing our cover version of Omar Penes Plus on est de Four the studio turned into a dance floor and the hosts of the show regretted that they hadn’t left more time for the music so that they could have heard more. They were amazed of Sonjas ability to interpret and pronounce the song so convincingly knowing that she doesn’t actually speak wolof or french and surprised and thrilled about how perfectly the accompagnement, that usually is played with a big band, worked and sounded with only Ainos Nordic kantele and Macoumbas drums.

20.12 we had a workshop with the Mandingo diva singer Mamy Kanoute, accompanied by Baro, her xalam player. Xalam is a traditional plucked string instrument, not unlike a guitar. West African traditional songs and melodies were in the air, just beautiful! We had a nice jam session, we got inspired and on top of it all, we got good food.

21.12. we got to play with Omar Pene and Super Diamono as guest artist at Bazoff club. Good feedback once again.

22.12 Aino Kurki met Noumoukunda Cissokho, the virtuoso kora player of Super Diamono, for a music exchange and rehearsing. Later the same day Afrotysonia performed at Cours Sainte Marie de Hann Bal de l’internat.

24.12 Concert at Just 4U Dakar for the Afsud Senegal (Super Diamono fan club) annual party. Afrotysonia played the first set as warm up, then participated as guest artist on the second set with Omar Pene & Super Diamono. The show was good and the feedback also. The whole evening was filmed and broadcasted live by SEN TV. Other guest artists were Omar Penes son Assane Pene and Youssou N’Dour.

26.12 Rehearsal in Mbour for the upcoming concert at the Grand Théâtre National. It was a though day of waiting, tiredness and challenges regarding music and work methods.

28.12 Club Five, Noumoukundas Birthday Party. The Duo Aino Kurki & Noumoukunda Cissokho was just amazing. Macoumba and Sonja also got to join in later for an awesome jam session.

29.12 Grand Théâtre National du Sénégal. Omar Penes Birthday Party. On stage: Omar Pene & Super Diamono feat. Afrotysonia.

Have to say that the combination of the two bands styles was just wonderful, and the audience was just amazed of the sound. Finnish music was well represented that evening.

Some of the other guest artists: Youssou N’Dour, Thione Seck, Soda Mama Fall and more. The whole gala was broadcasted live on several TV channels.

People were congratulating us all the way from the backstage to the parking lot. That was a successful event.

31.12 Concert at Café de Rome Dakars New Years Eve party. Many musicians on the line up. Afrotysonia did it once again.

02.1.2018 We traveled back to Finland.

What an adventure! A big thank you to Svenska Kulturfonden, Abdou, Ama, Papis and all you other wonderful people who made it possible! You know who you are!